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If the validity of your driver's license is about to end or has already expired, you need to urgently replace it

If the validity of your driverlicense comes to an end or has already expired, you need to replace your hot? right? - This is how we used to call the document, which is valid for only 10 years.

Driving a vehicle with an expired driver's license equivalent to the management without approval.



To replace the right to go to MREO (Registration? Examination Department) traffic in the community. Advance care should be taken to a civil passport was stamped permanent registration? without a replacement driver's license is not performed.


In addition to a passport, with a need to have 2 photos3h4sm and medical information form N 083 / C-89. Copies of the above documents will not work, so if you do something is not enough, it is better not to waste your time.


In almost all departments of traffic police MREO installedautomatic terminals for state duty payment that you need to pay, ask the operator the exact amount? it will depend on the type of driver's license.


If you have documents showingpassage of training in a driving school, take them with you, and shall be presented together with the other documents. If documents are lost, then the stamp of driving experience will be installed from the issue of the old certificate.


Usually driving permit replacement procedure takes from one to several hours, depending on the number of people willing to do it on the same day in the same location.

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