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The right accessories: woolen gloves

Necessary accessory: woolen gloves

Gloves should be every girl. In the warm time of this accessory may serve as a supplement to a gentle way, and in the winter also protects the handle from frost.

At the same time such a practical thing can become the main focus in the whole style!

Leather gloves are very popular, but nonethelesswoolen gloves in the winter, too, are in great demand. They are distinguished by a style, they can have different decorative elements, which will emphasize the refined taste of its owner.

Often wool gloves combined withangora, merino or rabbit. It is very durable and warm products. But when choosing these gloves should not skimp, low-quality material will show itself in a couple of days socks! During warm accessory purchase, consider a good model, checking the quality of welds.

For fashionistas who love an active lifestyle,Gloves with natural heaters are simply irreplaceable. For example, note the long combined model, which consists of both hair and skin. Tab sheepskin provide extra warmth. A combination with angora makes an elegant accessory.

Dark gray woolen gloves with fur insetpink hearts and help bring the image of innocence, charm and charm. And for lovers of classic elegance and can advise black woolen gloves, supplemented by a bow with rhinestones.

For the release of the female gray suitwoolen gloves, decorated with small shiny rhinestones. They are suitable for a romantic encounter or meeting of the New Year on the street. Hands will not freeze because of the warm liner under them so easy to pick up an exquisite dress.

Long woolen gloves go well withcoat with a wide but short sleeves, and down jackets with "bat". Winter frosts coming, every fashionista should have time to get this warm cozy wool accessory!

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