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Rider: beauty care area

Rider: beauty care area

Lawn mowers called tool designed for trimming grass in those places where the need smooth manicured lawn: in backyards, in a city garden or park.

If the cutting portion is quite small, you can do quite ordinary scythe, but the process of medium and large size of the area without the mower does not work.

The coating on the beautiful lawnsGrass was used, and it should be all the same size and low. This result can be achieved using the lawn mower, because it is given by the height of mowing. The plot is treated with a scythe or a trimmer will not be trimmed fairly evenly. In addition, this device is very easy to use, it can be learned by anyone, even if previously he did not have to mow the grass, and quickly - in one hour you will cope with the work, which will take when using spit all day.

Also, the weight of braids or trim a straindirectly to the hand, which is why you can quickly get tired, while the lawnmower has a wheel, so that the owner can only guide its movement.

There is another advantage: most of today's lawn mowers have a special bag to collect cut grass, and you do not have to rake it with a rake.

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The drawbacks of such machines is the fact thatmow the lawn edges, areas close to the trees and shrubs will be very difficult, and that it can be used only on a fairly flat areas without pits, stones and high rises.

Classification of lawnmowers

By way of feeding all mowers are divided into mechanical, electrical and petrol.

Mechanical lawn mower - the quietest of allexisting models, they do not need any power, except for the efforts of the owner. The device provides high-quality haircuts, it is quite simple and easy to use, but requires a lot of effort, especially if the grass is wet, or high. It is used mainly for lawns with a small area.

Electric mowers are verypopular because of its low cost and very good quality work. However, their capabilities are mostly limited to the presence of the cable, which has a certain length and may get confused when mowing the area with bushes, the beds, farm buildings and other obstacles. It should also ensure that the blades do not cut the wire during rotation. The advantages of this model in a small size and weight, as well as ease of maintenance.

Recently appeared on the market with a lawn mowerbatteries. Their is only a few species, and they are available to only a few firms. However, they have the maneuverability and suitable even for areas with a lack of electricity.

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Gasoline lawn mowers - the most powerful of allthe models, they provide maximum freedom of movement and are used to work on the biggest squares. Just remember that this tool is not suitable for surfaces with steep gradients. If the tilt angle exceeds the maximum opportunity for this model, the motor just stops.

By way of transportation lawn mowers are divided intoself-propelled and self-propelled. In the first case, the mower moves itself by the motor, the owner can only direct it in the right direction. In the second case, the engine is only responsible for the rotation of the blades, so the device will have to push you.

When choosing the right lawn mower models, pay attention to its parameters, as well as read reviews on forums on the Internet about different companies and models.

Parameters self-propelled lawn mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowers are designed forlarge areas, so pay attention to the width of the cutting. It depends on the size of the blades and varies on the average from 30 to 56 centimeters. If the site is flat with square edges, you can choose a model with the widest bandwidth, and if you have to go around the bush, borders, cutting a path between the beds, it is possible that the little machine would suit you better.

From power also it depends very much. The high and tight gasoline grass mower with low power simply stall and an electric motor can easily burn if not equipped with special protection. More power is needed also for large areas.

The strength of the device depends largely on thethe material of the shell. This is usually a metal or plastic. Plastic deck more susceptible to mechanical damage due to flying twigs and stones accidentally caught on site. For metal need to look carefully, so as not to rust appeared from falling dew and grass juice.

Do not forget about such an important parameter as the modeoperation. This feature is primarily responsible for what will happen with the cut grass. The mower can simply discard the waste back or to the side, then they have to then rake and clean.

The presence of grass catcher means that the mowerequipped with a special container which collects grass clippings. They come in several forms: a plastic container easier to clean and wash, hay, it is well packed, but the cloth bag takes up less space, it is lighter and does not increase vibration.

Mulching. This feature allows you to grind the cut grass, so it is evenly covered the lawn, without compromising its appearance, and become environmentally friendly high-quality fertilizer.

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