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How to ride off-road


How to ride off-road</a>

Off-road has always been in Russia and remains one of the main problems of the driver, especially when driving outside the city.

Do not get stuck on a sandy or earthen road, save yourself from a breakdown, drive a difficult stretch - the ability to ride off-road comes only with experience.



Try to avoid driving on sandy roads,Because the deep deposits of sand pose a danger to the car. Crumbling to the sides, it gives strong resistance to the wheels. Even before the movement begins, reduce the pressure in the wheels to 1 atm., To improve the patency of the car.


Drive at a speed of 25-30 km / h. At the same time, the risk of damaging the suspension on an unexpected bump will be minimal, and at the same time at this speed the car will be able to overcome all obstacles and bumps on the road without getting stuck in clay or sand. A big mistake will be a sharp drop in speed when you see a dirty or sandy area, the wheels are almost certainly bogged down.


When driving on a track, make sure thatGo to the side edges, otherwise you can get stuck: the bottom will sit tightly on the rise, and the wheels will be on the bottom. If the ruts are very deep, it is better to find ways to bypass or put under the wheels branches and boards. Puddles are very dangerous, their depth can be any. Do not be lazy, get out of the car and check.


On a wet clay road, try to goSmoothly, at low speed. A sudden increase in speed can lead to drifts. Avoid jerks, transfer switch on time. Remember - it's better to go out, walk a few meters on foot and check the presence and condition of the road further than the whole day then try to get out of the hole.


On the lifts, move evenly, do not switch without special need, and descend better to overcome in low gear, if necessary, braking.


If possible, prepare for the journeyIn advance. Passengers and cargo distribute evenly over the salon. In the trunk should be a folding shovel and, if possible, snow chains for the wheels. Instead of chains in small areas, you can use the usual rope, it will also improve the grip of the wheels with the road.

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