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How to ride on the road

How to travel on the road

Off-road performance has always been in Russia and is one of the main problems of the driver, especially when driving in the country.

Do not get stuck in the sand or clay road, protect against breakage, pass difficult part - the ability to go off-road only comes with experience.



Try to avoid driving on sandy roads,because deep deposits of sand are dangerous for the car. Spilling hand, it gives a strong resistance of the wheels. Even before the beginning of the movement, reduce tire pressure by 1 atm., For improved terrain vehicle.


Drive at a speed of 25-30 km / h. The risk of damage to the suspension on the unexpected pothole will be minimal, and at the same time at this speed the car is able to overcome all obstacles and potholes on the road, do not get stuck in mud or sand. Big mistake will be a sharp reduction in speed when a dirty or sandy area, almost certainly the wheels get stuck.


When driving on the track, take care not tostop by the side skirting, otherwise you may get stuck: the bottom will sit firmly on the rise, and the wheel will appear at the bottom. If the track is very deep, it is better to find ways to avoid traffic or underlay under the wheels of branches and planks. Very dangerous puddles, their depth may be any. Do not be lazy, go out and check.


On wet clay road, try to gosmoothly at low speeds. The sharp increase in speed can lead to skidding. Avoid jerking, transfer switch time. Remember - it is better to get out, walk a few meters on foot and check the presence and condition of the road more than a day, then try to get out of the pit.


On the uphill move uniformly, without having to switch unless absolutely necessary, and overcome slopes better in low gear, braking, if necessary.


If possible, prepare yourself for the journeybeforehand. Passengers and cargo spread evenly through the cabin. The trunk should be based on a folding shovel and snow chains for wheels possible. Instead of circuits on small areas, you can use an ordinary rope, it will also improve traction.

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