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Rhinitis in children: symptoms, types and prevention

Rhinitis in Children: Symptoms, Types and Prevention

Rhinitis - a disease commonly known. The inflammation of the nasal mucosa, often found in children.

What types of rhinitis exist and how to warn the children.

Rhinitis in children is more severe than in adulthood. In children, the inflammatory process advances to the throat, ears and throat.

Symptoms of rhinitis in children

  • High fever to 39 degree-
  • Refusal of chest pectoral children-
  • Sudorogi-
  • Children lose their appetite, not sleeping at night, hudeyu-
  • It appears diarrhea, vomiting and flatulence.

Types of rhinitis

Diphtheria rhinitis

Developed from entering the nasal cavitydiphtheria bacilli. It also affects the vocal cords and throat. On the nose, the mucosa forms dense plenochki that impede breathing. Films in removing bleed.

Rhinitis in scarlet fever

When scarlet fever rhinitis appears:

  • Severe intoxication, accompanied by chills, fever and headache bolyu-
  • Increase limfauzlov-
  • Punctate rash that appears on the 4 day-
  • Bright red tongue.

This type of rhinitis is very rare

Rhinitis with measles143487_53624a9e858b553624a9e858ed.jpeg

Children with rhinitis suffer tearing, inThey appear conjunctivitis and constant sneezing. When viewed from the nose is swollen and bright red color. Overall condition is violated, fever and a headache. The hallmark of rhinitis in measles - is punctulate rash with a white sash around.

Prevention of rhinitis

  • Preventing colds zabolevanij
  • You should not be on the drafts and supercool. Do not drink ice water in zharu-
  • Quenched the child's body. Start by pouring nozhek-
  • a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables should be present in the diet of children. Power must be complete and vysokokaloriynym-
  • Ventilate the room frequently and make daily wet cleaning in the neutron
  • Sunbathing should be used to strengthen the immune system and the production of vitamin D-
  • Make sure that the child personal hygiene: washing hands before eating, after street and tualeta-
  • At the first signs of rhinitis should consult a doctor immediately.

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