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How to revive iphone

How to revive iphone

The operation iPhone «revive» depends on many factors, ranging from the model and ending with the specific causes of the problem.

The proposed actions are not universal and does not guarantee restoration of iPhone performance, although they are most often recommended.

You will need

  • - IPhone PC Suite-
  • - iFile



Perform simultaneous button presseson / off devices (rectangular button on the iPhone the top end) and Home (large round button on the front side devaysa screen) to switch off the gadget by hard reset.


Press the on / off button to activateWork iPhone and navigate to the folder / System / Library / SystemConfiguration / mobilewatch using the installed file manager (iPhone PC Suite, iPhone Manager, iFile, iBrickr and the like).


Duplicate mobilewatchdog file and save it on your desktop computer.


Remove mobilewatchdog file from the device using the selected file manager and run simultaneously pressing the on / off button and the Home for the next iPhone to reboot.


Press the On / Off button to go to the next step and wait for the moment when (the process can take anywhere from one to five minutes).


Restore mobilewatchdog file savedpreviously selected using a file manager on your iPhone and click the Home button at the same time and switch on / off the device to perform the last reboot.


Turn on the phone by pressing the on / off button and check the performance recovery.


Go to the "Home Button" menu, select "Settings" in the device's home screen, and select the item to perform more hidden settings for the "revival» iPhone works.


Choose the section "Search Spotlight» and uncheck the fields of all active applications: search apps, music, contacts, messages, books and videos.


Press and hold the on / off device until a red slider to offer "Off".


Drag the slider left to right and wait for the termination of rotation of the gear on the iPhone screen.


Turn on the iPhone with a single press on / off button.

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