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HOW return train ticket

How to return train ticket

The passenger has the right to return train ticket and get back the cost or a certain part of the cost subject to certain conditions.

Refund is made by referring to the cashier station at which you purchased the travel document.

The right of return rail ticket,purchased for travel in the compositions of long-distance, it has every passenger, which is confirmed by Article 83 of the Federal Law of 10.01.2003 number 18-FZ. However, only in special cases, you can get back the full value of the service that was paid. Thus, in accordance with the said norm, and the value of fare reserved seat can only be obtained when applying for eight hours before departure time of the train set. If a passenger asked for a return ticket for two hours prior to departure, he returned only half the cost of travel and the cost of reserved seat, the other half is retained by the carrier. Finally, when applying directly to the train departure (in less than two hours), you can only count on getting fare.

How to arrange a return train ticket?

Making return train ticketIt is carried out directly at the ticket office of the station where it was purchased. The passenger must present himself the travel document, passport, notify its intention to return the ticket. All necessary operations are usually performed ticket clerk, he also returns to the client money in accordance with the above rules. The presence of at registration of return management representative Train Station is only required if the travel document was originally issued in manual mode. The relevant rules are set by the Order of the Russian Ministry of 26.07.2002 number 30.
Certain features are set in relation torefund electronic tickets. So, when buying a travel document in the Internet the passenger agrees to return to its rules, established by the Railways. After receiving your boarding pass (if it exists), on a return e-ticket is not possible. Means customers are reimbursed on the same rules, but provide for charging additional fee of ten euros in rubles at the current rate.

Features of the return train ticket when you miss the train

If a passenger is late to the composition of long-distancerepetition, it is also possible to return some of the funds paid for the ticket. If you have a documented good cause delay, as that can be a disease, an accident, contact the cashier station can be within three days from the date of departure of the train. At the same time there is a right to exchange the ticket for a fee or cost of reserved seat to a refund of the fare without reserved seat prices. Similar rules apply in the absence of valid reasons of delay, however, that the period of applying for the commission of these procedures is reduced to 3 hours after the departure of the train. If the services for the transportation was not provided due to the fault of the carrier, the passenger returned the total sum paid.

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