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How to get back to work


How to get back to work</a>

It happens that after leaving work, after some time a person realizes that the abandoned place was not so bad. Or, in the new position, everything turned out to be not as promised at the interview.

And then the decision is made to return to the previous job.



If you decide to return to the old job,Call up with former colleagues. Ask them if your position is vacant. If the vacancy is closed, ask if there are similar positions in other departments.


If there is a free vacancy, it does not matter in yourDepartment or friend, call your former supervisor. Tell me that at the new place of work everything seemed completely different from what you expected, praise his ability to organize the workflow and ask if you can go back. Explain that you are aware of free vacancies and you are ready to start working in the near future.


Tell us that you have mastered the new jobNew skills, gained a client base, learned profitable suppliers, etc. Let the manager make sure that by taking you back, he will acquire a more qualified employee for the same salary.


Very often employers prefer to takeAlready familiar employees, than to look for new ones. Ask the former boss to recommend you to the head of another department in the event that there are no vacancies in your place. The person who came not "from the side" is looked at differently. It turns out to be a priority if there are candidates who are not recommended by anyone.


If you were invited to an interview for the oldWork, put on a business suit. And it does not matter that everyone you meet there is familiar to you. Employers should once again be convinced of the correctness of the choice, so show them that you are a responsible and collected person, a professional who will cope with the most difficult tasks perfectly.


Bring your passport, pension insurance certificate, TIN, work record book. Most likely, after the interview you will be immediately drafted into the state, and all these documents will be needed.


After returning to the old place, arrangeSmall gatherings with colleagues. Tell them why you came back and how happy you are to see everyone again. This will arrange the team for you, and work in a friendly environment is much more pleasant.

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