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How to return to his former job

How to return to the old job

It so happens that having gone to work after some time the person realizes that abandoned place was not so bad. Or in his new position it was not so, as promised during the interview.

And then the decision to return to the old job.



If you decide to return to the old place of work,phoned with former colleagues. Ask them if your position is free. If the vacancy is closed - ask to find out if there are any similar positions in other departments.


If you have a free vacancy, whether in yourdepartment, or any other call to his former supervisor. Say it in a new place of work everything seemed not as you expected, praise his ability to organize the working process and ask whether you can come back. Explain that you are aware of available job openings and you are ready to start work in the near future.


Tell us what your new job you have masterednew skills, have built up a customer base, learned profitable suppliers, etc. Let the head is satisfied that take you back, he will get more qualified employee for the same salary.


Very often employers prefer to takealready familiar to employees than to find new ones. Ask former chief recommend to you the head of another department in the event that your are no vacancies. Per person, not come "from outside", look the other way. It is the priority of the presence of the candidates not recommended by anyone.


If you are invited for an interview at the oldwork, dress in business attire. Never mind that everyone you meet there, you know. Employers should again make the right choice, so show them that you are a responsible and collected person, a professional, who perfectly cope with the most difficult tasks.


Bring a passport, certificate of pension insurance, VAT, service book. Most likely, after the interview you at once will draw on the staff, and all of these documents will be needed.


After returning to the old place arrangesmall gatherings with colleagues. They tell us, why came back and you are glad to see everyone again. This will place a team to you, and to work in a friendly atmosphere is much nicer.

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