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How to return an unsaved document

How to recover an unsaved document

Often there are situations that do not allow time to save the document in the Microsoft Office program.

They can be caused by power outages, failure in the operating system or user forgetfulness.

To labors were not in vain, it is necessary to recover the document.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Microsoft Office version in which the file was created.



Beforehand, set in Microsoft Office"Autosave" feature. It provides program and allows you to return the desired file by backup. The program is run regularly after a certain period of time. So you have the ability to run any of the automatically saved versions that for one reason or another has not been manually saved you.


Set the "auto-saving" a specific time,after which the file will be saved himself. In addition, include the parameter settings "saves the last autosave version when the file was closed without saving." After connecting and activating these functions Accidental closing unsaved file you will see the possibility of recovery of the document (that is, the latest version of it), which stores the program automatically.


Open the Microsoft Office program in which atyou could not save the specified file. Example, Microsoft Office 2010 can be used to offer an unsaved version of the document immediately upon discovery. Options are displayed on the left side open program. This also applies to Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Exel, as well as other applications.


If the document for some reason recoverstandard methods fails, resort to auxiliary programs such as Smart Data Recovery, R-STUDIO NE et al. For example, Smart Data Recovery after installation will allow you to recover in the future, not only files, documents, and audio and video clips, archive files.

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