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How to return an unsaved document


How to return an unsaved document</a>

Often there are situations that do not allow you to keep the right document in the Microsoft Office program in time.

They can be caused by interruptions with electricity, a malfunction in the operating system, or forgetfulness of the user.

To work is not wasted, you need to restore the document.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - The version of Microsoft Office in which the file was created.



Install in Microsoft Office beforehandAuto-save function. It is provided by the program and allows you to return the desired file through backup storage. The program runs regularly after a certain period of time. So you can run any of the automatically saved versions, which for one reason or another have not been manually saved by you.


Specify in the "autosave" a certain time, byThe expiration of which the file will be saved. In addition, turn on the option "Save the last autosaved version if the file was closed without saving". After connecting and activating these functions, if you unintentionally close an unsaved file, you will be able to restore the document (that is, its latest version), which the program automatically remembers.


Open the Microsoft Office program where youYou could not save a specific file. For example, Microsoft Office 2010 may suggest that you use an unsaved document immediately upon opening. The options will be displayed on the left side of the open program. This applies to Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Exel, as well as other applications.


If the document is restored for any reasonStandard methods can not, resort to support programs such as Smart Data Recovery, R-STUDIO NE, etc. For example, Smart Data Recovery after installation will allow you to restore not only files in the future, but also audio and video recordings, clips, Archive files.

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