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How to return the state fee

How to return the state fee

The law defines a situation where you can return to the paid state duty. Such cases and procedure defined st.333.40 return of the Tax Code.

This is possible in the case of overpayment, returnstatements, or if there was a failure of duty payer from making a legal action, the court's refusal to process the application, complaint, termination of the proceedings. If the plaintiff abandoned the claim, a decision not in favor of the defendant is not accepted, the proceedings were terminated.

In this case, the duty of the defendant does not pay the budget.



Apply for refund of overpaidregistration fee to the body that is to make legal action (does not apply to the relationship in the consideration of cases by courts, arbitration courts, justices of the peace). Enter the details of where you want to make a refund.


Apply to the tax authority for the return of the state duty.


Attach to the application the original documents on the payment of registration fee (payment orders, receipts), while the return of the state duty, attach a copy of the payment documents.


Attach a certificate from the court on the return of the state duty or a judicial act (the definition of a decision), which states the need to return.


On the basis of the received application the authorized body makes a decision on the return of the amount of state duty, shall notify the payer.


Within one month from the date of submission of the application and the necessary documents, state tax returns earlier.

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