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How to return the "soap"

How to return the soap

Each of us has an e-mail box.

It is often the most important information is stored? by correspondence and logins, passwords for access to various services to personal communications plan regarding only us. Sometimes it happens that our electronic boxes stolen or appropriated the attackers? both to find out our personal data and of simple curiosity.

Regain soap in such cases, it is possible if to hurry.

You will need

  • - a computer
  • - Internet connection



Immediately after you have installed the mailbox you no longer own, namely, that it began to come suspicious emails or you can not access it by dialing the usual combination of login and password, immediately start the password recovery service. She is usually the password reminder service, and runs at a wrongly typed login-password pair.


After starting the service, select one of the possibleoptions that can be offered to you: answer the security question, send a password change the code on your mobile phone or just contact support.


If you chose to answer the security question,you will be asked a question that you provided when registering a mailbox. After the introduction in the correct answer option, you will be given the opportunity to change the password.


If you select a password recovery through the mobile phone you on your mobile phone will receive the verification code, you will need to enter the site, then you can change the password.


If none of these options have not worked oryou had not been asked a security question, and mobile phone number, please contact customer support by providing evidence that the mailbox belongs to you. After that you will be able to enter your login and password on the site and re-use your e-mail box.

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