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How to return the rights to court

How to return the rights to court

For many motorists driving banidentity is a very unpleasant situation, especially for those who need the car to work or to provide a comfortable life for themselves and loved ones.

The deprivation of a driving license can occur not only for violation of traffic rules, but also because of the fairly frequent traffic police permissiveness.

The most important thing in this situation? do everything to return the driver's license to prove the absence of guilt.



In order for the shortest possible period of time to return rights, You need to know some features of communication with the traffic police. The most the best way out of this situation? return rights on the spot, not bringing the case to court.


As a rule, after the withdrawal of a driving licenseshould be deprivation. But it could be, if only in its entirety will be proved fault of the driver. Therefore it is very important to bring evidence proving guilt. For example, a photograph, which is not visible cluttered sign snow.


Most experienced lawyers advise drivers to carry a camera or a recorder for, so that you can record the conversation with the traffic police, when necessary.


There are conditions under which the driver rights It can not be withdrawn. For example, when the driver violated traffic rules, acting in case of an emergency. Then the return of a driving license is provided to you.


In addition, withdrawal of a driver's license will not happen if it does not entail deprivation. In these cases, the traffic police should simply be made a verbal warning. If a driver rights seized for the purpose of depriving, but then within 60 days of the court session did not take place, then you have to return them.

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