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How to return some of the money on a loan


How to return some of the money on a loan</a>

Many who take a loan, do not read the text of the contract with the bank.

However, if we look closely, we will see that sometimes banks impose conditions that contradict Russian legislation. In this case, a part of the money can be returned

This is a specific clause of the treaty - aboutCharging a commission for maintaining a bank account, and this is illegal. When you take a loan from a bank, you open an account not to transfer money to it, withdraw it from it, get some profit from it, etc. That is, the bank does not make any efforts to keep your account. A sum sometimes for this expose significant. For example, with a payment of 3500 rubles per month, the payment for keeping an account can be 2500 rubles per month. The amount of the commission depends on the amount of the loan and on the policy of the bank.

The money you paid for keeping an account,Can be returned in a legal way. The first thing to do is apply to a special center for the return of bank commissions. There are professionals who have already gained experience in such matters. You can also refer to a friend lawyer or lawyer - he can also help, but there is one nuance: he may not have experience in these matters, and the court will endlessly return the documents for revision, and he will not be able to help you "knock out" Money from the bank, while specialized centers do this. You write a power of attorney for the conduct of this case, and for half a year you forget about everything - then all will be done by lawyers. Minus in the work of these centers - their services are somewhat more expensive than the services of lawyers. Although the costs of court costs the court will also return, but not completely.

Anyway, the first thing to begin with -To address in the center on return of bank commissions for consultation. As a rule, it's free. The manager will tell you whether it is possible to return something or the time has already passed and will almost exactly calculate the amount that you can demand from the bank. And immediately tell you how much their service will cost to return this money. You can immediately decide whether you will take this case or not. If so, you will immediately have to pay the cost of the examination and take a power of attorney from the notary for the center to return bank charges. Examination period is approximately 10 days. After that, you will be called and told that the case went into play and you have to pay for the center's services. The cost of the service depends on the amount of the return - the more the return, the more the cost of the work of lawyers.

Then you need to wait. While the letter with the demand for return will go to the bank, until the bank answers in a month, until the case goes to court and the judge appoints the term of the meeting, it will take about 4 months. Then there will be a preliminary hearing, then a meeting. If the representative of the bank does not come - the meeting will be postponed. All this time you can call and manage how your business is moving. But sooner than in 6 months to return their money is unlikely to work out - this is the procedure.

But here comes the long-awaited moment when a lawyerOf the center calls you and says that it was decided in your favor that a letter demanding that you return the money went to the Central Bank, and that in a month you can check your card or bank account. After that, you can go again to the same organization and write a statement about the return of legal costs. The same procedure will begin with the court, and then some of the money that you spent to pay for the services of the center will be returned to you. The amount of this amount depends entirely on the decision of the judge.

In this case there are some nuances: The bank can offer to go to the world and will want to return you only the amount for keeping a bank account, or start calling out to conscience and saying that "you used this money". Note that the court, as a rule, returns also the interest for using this money, and it is quite significant. Also, do not fall for the advertising of banks, which put themselves in credit, that they issue loans without paying an account. Now you already understand that they just began to observe the law, because they had to return to many people illegally selected money from them.

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