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How to return the money

Return the money it is possible, the main thing - act calmly and confidently

Unfortunately, the question of how to return the money, confronts modern man often enough.

And one of these sad occasions? refund for defective goods.

To without much hassle to get your money back, you need to follow a few rules.

To return the money you need to know some rules and stick to them, if necessary to write the statement, and in the case of an emergency? Please consult a lawyer.



At the time of purchase is necessary to observe all the formalities: Make sure that all documents from the cash register receipt to the warranty card was issued.


As long as the warranty period, be sure to save any documents that were given to you when making a purchase.


If you find a marriage or other disadvantagecontact the store where you bought low-quality goods. One condition: do not need to present a verbal claim, be sure to write a written statement. In principle, this in most cases is sufficient.


If an unscrupulous dealer continues to balk - make expertise, and be sure to refer to the independent expert.


Act calmly and confidently. If the store continues to stall for time? consult a lawyer. On this issue refund will definitely complete.

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