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How to return the inheritance


How to return the inheritance</a>

All cases involving the return and restoration of inheritance can only be considered in court.

In what cases is it worth to go to court, and in which applications does not it make sense?



If the testator has made a will in whichYou are not mentioned, then you can apply for an appeal of the inheritance to the court only if you are the heir of the first stage. According to the court decision, the heirs will be obliged to return to you half of the share of the inheritance you received, if there were no will. However, sometimes the court also considers cases when a person who wants to challenge a will is disabled, and also when the interests of incompetent or underage citizens are affected.


If you missed the deadlines for joining the inheritance For good cause (illness, ignorance of death of the testator, urgent service in the army), contact the notary first so that he gives you an official refusal to reinstate the rights to inheritance. With this document, as well as with documents,Confirming the fact of having a good reason, you should apply to the court and restore the time. Note: the court has the right to consider your application only if, after the moment you learned about the existence of the inheritance and the death of the testator, it took no more than 6 months. This must be documented.


If you have not completed the documents on time inheritance, But you have evidence that you are actually using the property of the deceased, then the court will help you to secure the right to use the property de jure.


If you refused to accept the inheritance, and this refusal was made in writing and certified by a notary, then return inheritance In this case it is almost impossible. However, if the refusal was made under threat or due to fraud or delusion, the court, provided that there is evidence of such actions from other heirs, can help you to recover the lost inheritance in full.


If you have been recognized by a court or notary as an unworthy heir, then you have the opportunity to appeal this decision and return inheritanceIf there is evidence that reveals new circumstances of the case.

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