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How to return the inheritance

How to return the inheritance

All matters related to the return and restoration of heritage can be considered only in the court.

In some cases it is necessary to go to court, and the public to submit a statement of claim does not make sense?



If the testator has made a will in whichYou did not mention, then apply for appeal to the court of inheritance can be used only if you are an heir of the first stage. The court heirs will be required to refund you half the share of the inheritance, have you received, do not be a will. Sometimes, however, the court is considering the case, and when the person wishing to contest a will is invalid, and when touched the interests of disabled or minors.


If you missed the timing of entry into inheritance for a valid reason (illness, lack of knowledge of the testator's death, serving in the army), refer first to the notary that he gave you a formal refusal on the restoration of rights to inheritance. With this document, as well as documents,confirming the fact of having a good reason, you must go to court and restore time. Note that the court may consider your application only if from the moment you have learned about the existence of inheritance and the testator's death, it took no more than 6 months. This should be documented.


If you do not have issued documents on time inheritanceBut you have proof that you are actually using the property of the deceased, the court will help you secure the right to use the property, de jure.


If you refuse to accept the inheritance, and that refusal was drawn up in writing and notarized, then return inheritance in this case impossible. However, if a waiver was made under threat or due to fraud or error, the court, provided that there is evidence of such actions on the part of other heirs, can help you regain the lost inheritance in full.


If you have been recognized by the court or a notary unworthy heir, then you have the opportunity to appeal the decision and to return inheritanceIf there is evidence that reveal new facts of the case.

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