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How to return the minimize icon of all windows


How to return the minimize icon of all windows</a>

On the Windows task bar there is a button that is very convenient to use when working with multiple applications at the same time, it is called "Collapse all windows".

When many programs are open, but you need a quick access to the desktop, just click on it, and all windows will collapse automatically.

This button disappears for various reasons, to return it to its usual place is not so difficult.



If you completely lost the Quick PanelAccess to applications along with the desired button - put it back into place by right-clicking on the taskbar. Check the "Show Quick Launch" checkbox, apply the changes and close the window.


If the problem is not in removing the panel, then return the button to an alternative method. To do this, right-click on the desktop, select "Create", then "Shortcut".


In the window that appears, you will see a line in whichYou will need to enter the address of the location of the program, to which it will later refer. Specify the following path: C: /Windows/explorer.exe shell ::: {3080F90D-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257}. Click "Next".


Enter a name for your shortcut - "Minimize"All windows "or any other name that will be convenient for you. This operation can be completed - the button will perform its function, minimize the windows. But if you want to bring her into the usual state for your eyes, spend another couple of minutes doing the next step.


Click the new shortcut with the right mouse button. Select the "Properties" menu item. A new window opens with several additional tabs, you need only one of them - "Shortcut". At the bottom there will be three buttons - click on the one in the middle, it's called "Change Badge". You will have a new window, in the icon search box where you need to enter the following address:% SystemRoot% / system32 / imageres.dll. Press the Enter key, and a menu will open where you can select a new icon that you just want from all available. Apply the changes made and click "OK".


Drag the shortcut to the Quick Access Toolbar for convenient work with it.

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