How to return a driver's license

How to return a driver's license</a>

Deprivation of a driving license is veryAn unpleasant moment for everyone who does not represent his life without a car, who needs a driver's license for work or just to ensure a comfortable life. Deprivation of a driver's license can occur as a violation of the Rules of the Road Movement, and because of the frequent permissiveness of traffic police officers.

Nevertheless, the most important thing? It is to try to return the driver's license as soon as possible, defending your rights and interests either on your own, or with the help of qualified lawyers.



In order to quickly return the driver's license Certification It is necessary to know some features of communication withEmployees of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. The best way to ripen this situation will be to resolve the issue of the return of rights on the spot, without bringing the case to trial, since then it will be much more difficult to return them.


As a rule, for the withdrawal of a driver's licenseFollows deprivation. But it is possible only with full recognition of the driver's guilt. Therefore it is very important to prove the absence of guilt and provide the relevant arguments in court. For example, a photo with a snow mark, can help you win the case and return the driver's license Certification. Therefore, experienced lawyers recommend that drivers carry with them a camera or a dictaphone to record conversations with inspectors of the traffic police.


There are situations when driving Certification It can not be seized. This is stipulated by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. For example, the actions of the driver in case of emergency. In such cases, return the driver's license Certification very easy.


Removing rights is also not provided, if it is notEntails deprivation. In such cases, an oral warning is simply given. In addition, if all the same the rights were withdrawn for the purpose of deprivation, and within 2 months of the court session there was no return of the driver's rights.

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