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How to return the driver's license

How to return the driver's license

The deprivation of a driving license is aunpleasant moment for everyone who can not live without a car, a driver's license who need to work or simply to provide a comfortable life. The deprivation of a driving license may occur both for violation of traffic rules, and because of frequent traffic police permissiveness.

However, the most important thing? is to try as soon as possible to return the driver's license, defending their rights and interests either on its own or with the assistance of qualified lawyers.



In order to quickly return the driver certificate you need to know some features of communication withTraffic police. The best way rhenium this situation will resolve the issue with the return of the rights on the spot, not bringing the case to trial, because then it will be much more difficult to return them.


As a rule, for the confiscation of driver's licenseshould be deprivation. But it is possible only with the full admission of guilt of the driver. Therefore it is very important to prove the absence of guilt and provide the appropriate arguments in court. For example, a photo with the snow-covered sign, can help you win the case and get the driver certificate. Therefore, experienced lawyers recommend that drivers carry a camera or a tape recorder to record conversations with the traffic police inspectors.


There are situations when a driver certificate It can not be withdrawn. It provides the Administrative Code. For example, the actions of the driver in case of emergency. In such cases, the driver's return certificate very easy.


Withdrawal rights are not provided for and, if it does notentails deprivation. In such cases, just taken out a verbal warning. In addition, if all the same rights were seized for the purpose of deprivation, and within 2 months of the court session was not, return the rights provided to the driver.

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