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How to return the defective goods without a receipt

How to return the defective goods without a receipt

From the purchase of low-quality goods no one is immune.

you can buy in the shops and supermarkets is notonly spoiled food, which are harmful to health, but also shoes, socks collapsing after the first, household appliances, refuses to work, clothing, sprawling at the seams.

In this case you are obliged to exchange the defective product or refund the money for it, even if the check has not been preserved.



If you bought low-quality goods,delay his return, hurry to the place of purchase. And do not forget the check. This is the main and most powerful document confirming the sale of defective goods. But what if the check is lost? To defend their case would be much more difficult, yet it is quite real.


Remember that when returning faulty goodsa check is not obligatory. The fact confirming the purchase of goods, in addition to cash receipt, include the receipt of credit cash order, product data, properly designed, user's manual, packing materials and other documents, which may contain information about the seller, the value of goods and the date of its acquisition.


If any of the above documents is notpreserved, or packaging, for example, contains no indication is given to the seller, you can ask witnesses to confirm the purchase. So the shopping trip with friends or family is a very useful thing.


Difficulties can arise when returningsubstandard food products. A particular challenge - it is the purchase of low-quality food products on the market. Spoiled and stale food purchased on the market is unlikely to be able to return to the seller in order to exchange for high-quality, and even more so with the aim to return the money. But to return such products to the store or supermarket still stands. There you are obliged to exchange the goods, although the refund is carried out very rarely.


Going to the place of purchase, do not be lazy andread the "Law on the Protection of Consumers' Rights. So you'll have an idea of ​​what you owe vendors and what you have rights in this area. When returning faulty goods, please contact your retailer first, which you sold the goods. If he refuses your request, feel free to refer to the general manager, store manager or his deputy.


If you are unable to find the truth in the store, please contact the Organization for the Protection of Consumer Rights. But before that, you get to the point of purchase a reasoned refusal to refund or exchange of goods.

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