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We return the elasticity of the body


The main cause of loss of skin elasticity is itsaging. Secondary signs are: hormonal failure in the body, improper diets, missing protein and collagen in the diet. But there is no reason especially to be upset if the former elasticity of forms has already been lost, because there are many methods to fix it.

Elasticity of the body
Correctly eat

Some cosmetics will not be enoughTo solve the problem of elasticity, the main thing in this matter is the approach from the inside. Daily food should be used collagen and protein. The group of protein-containing products includes: meat, fish dishes, cottage cheese, nuts, eggs, cheese.
Collagen is found in food gelatin, pineapple, papaya.

We do self-massage

We massage ourselves with light tingle, up to 5 min. Each area of ​​the body. The face is plaited strictly on the massage lines. Thus, the influx of blood increases and the turgor improves.

We take baths

Sea salt is an excellent way to increaseElasticity of the skin. Do not forget to take baths, contrast showers, and also do scrubs and peelings for the body. Here are some folk recipes helping people cope with the flabbiness of the skin.

Home Scrub

Mix in equal proportions black pepper(Coarse grinding), cinnamon and large sea salt, add a little olive oil. Rub into the skin for a couple of minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Such a mixture improves the flow of blood and will help to enhance the effect after sports.

Peeling coffee

Ideally, peeling with a special massageBrush with wooden nozzles or peeling mitt. To do this, they are soaped, and sprinkled with coffee grounds on top and rubed to the redness of the skin. A regular procedure will help to cope with the flabbiness of the body.

Bath with essential oil

In a small amount of warmed honey pour hot, but not boiling milk and add 2 tbsp. Spoons of rose oil. There is no time limit for taking such a bath.

Bath with herbs

It is necessary to make infusion of chamomile, birchLeaves, sweet potato, thyme creeping and hernium nude, which should be taken in 2 times more than one of the above described herbs. This bath perfectly cleanses the skin, giving it firmness.

Mineral bath

This is the easiest way to prepare a bath. We buy mineral water, heat it and pour it into the water. After such a procedure with bubbles immediately feel the cheerfulness of the spirit.

Citrus Bath

This bath perfectly rejuvenates, tones andReturns the elasticity of the faded skin. In the water at room temperature, it is necessary to add 6 squeezed citrus juices. It will be ideal still, and drink a glass of this juice.

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