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How to return an e-ticket


How to return an e-ticket</a>

The procedure for issuing an electronic train ticket has some specific features.

His purchase on the Internet and electronic registration eliminate the need for a visit to the cashier, allowing you to go straight to the car with a passport. But you can not take the electronic ticket.

You'll first have to issue a paper in the cash register and return it already.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - paper ticket form-
  • - passport.



To get a paper ticket at the ticket office,To refuse from electronic registration. To do this, go to your account on the site where you made a purchase (RZD or intermediary: UFS, Just Travel, etc.), open the section with information about your orders and find the one you want to refuse. Open the information about it and discard the electronic registration. This is done by one click on the corresponding button. To refuse from electronic registration it is possible not later than an hour before train registration.


The section with information about the order contains its individual number. Print an order confirmation page or rewrite the order number. It will come in handy for your paper Ticket at the register.
You can also print a ticket in specialMachines (such there is, for example, at the Leningrad station in Moscow). To do this, enter the order number and passport details of the passenger. When making paper tickets at the cashier, you must inform the cashier of the order number or give a printout of the paper with its confirmation and the passport of any of the passengers, if there are several. Some intermediaries, for example "UFS", have their own racks for processing paper tickets (their coordinates are on the ticket seller's website). There also need a passport of any of the passengers and the order number.


With a paper ticket, only one way - to the ticket officeRUSSIAN RAILWAYS. If there is a separate cash office at the railway station or in the trans-agency, you should go there. In its absence - in any working. By rules, for return Ticket The cashier must apply to every passenger to whom he is discharged, with his passport and personally sign the necessary papers.

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