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How to return an electronic ticket

How to return an electronic ticket

Completion procedure of the electronic ticket on the train has some specificity.

His acquisition of the Internet and electronic registration eliminates the need to visit the cashier, allowing the passport to go straight to the car. But you can not deliver the e-ticket.

We'll have to first draw at the box office paper and return it already.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - Blank paper bileta-
  • - passport.



To obtain a paper ticket at the box office, it is necessaryabandon the electronic registration. To do this, log in to a personal account on the site, where they made a purchase (RZD or intermediary:. "UFS", "JUST Travel", etc.), open the section with information about your orders and get the one from which you wish to give. Open information about it and discard the electronic registration. This is done with a single click on the appropriate button. Unsubscribe from e-registration may be no later than one hour before the train design.


Section with information about ordering it contains a unique number. Print the order confirmation page or write down the order number. It will come in handy to process paper tickets at the register.
Print the ticket you can also in specialvending machines (there are, for example, on the Leningrad railway station in Moscow). To do this, enter the order number and passport details of the passenger. When making paper tickets at the box office should be reported to the cashier order number or give a paper printout of the confirmation of his passport and any of the passengers, if there are several. Some brokers, such as "UFS", has its paper ticketing desk (have their coordinates on the ticket seller's website). They also need a passport of any of the passengers and the order number.


With a paper ticket, only one road - in cashRUSSIAN RAILWAYS. If at the station or in a separate return Transagenstvo box office, it is necessary to apply. In its absence - in any running. According to the rules for return tickets the cashier must apply each passenger, on which he was discharged, with your passport and personally sign the necessary papers.

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