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How to return 13 percent


Return to yourself a tax deduction and - repair it in a new apartment</a>

You bought an apartment and incurred large expenses. The state provides an opportunity to return part of the amount spent? As much as 13%.

Every citizen of Russia when buying an apartmentHas the right to receive a property tax deduction. That is, if you bought an apartment, you have the right to return 13% of the transaction amount in the form of a paid income tax.

However, the maximum value of the amount that you can return is a maximum of 130 thousand rubles.



The first thing you need to do is buy / sellApartments in the registration chamber. You will be given an appropriate document (certificate), which certifies that the real property belongs to you.


Then you take the appropriate forms in yourTax authority (or fill out in electronic form and print) and write an application for tax deductions. These documents you need to file with the tax inspectorate to which you belong in accordance with the registration.


If you buy an apartment in a mortgage, the rule on the return of a property tax deduction applies to you in exactly the same way. Moreover, there is an additional advantage.
In the case of buying an apartment in a mortgage, you can notOnly return the money for the apartment itself, but also receive a refund in the amount of the same 13% of the interest rate on the mortgage, and, moreover, the amount of interest on interest rates is not limited.

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