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How to return 13 per cent

Regain your tax deduction and - make it repairs in a new apartment

You bought an apartment, and suffered heavy costs. The state provides the opportunity to recover some amount spent? as much as 13%.

Every citizen of Russia when buying an apartmentIt has the right to receive property tax deduction. That is, if you buy an apartment, you are entitled to a refund of 13% of the transaction amount in the form of income tax paid.

However, the maximum value of the amount that you can return, a maximum of 130 thousand rubles.



The first step is to formalize the fact of the purchase / saleapartment in the Registration Chamber. You will be given a corresponding document (certificate), which certifies that the property actually belongs to you.


Then you take the appropriate forms in theirtax authority (or fill in electronic and print) and write an application for a tax deduction. The documents you need to submit to the tax office to which you belong, in accordance with the registration.


If you buy an apartment in the mortgage, usually on the return of property tax deduction applicable to you in the same way. Moreover, there is an additional plus.
In the case of buying an apartment in the mortgage you can notonly to return the money for the apartment itself, but also to get a refund in the same amount of 13% of the interest rate on your mortgage, and, moreover, the amount of benefits on interest rates is not limited.

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