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How to restore the hard disk

Restoring the hard disk.

As the electro-mechanical devices, hard drives are classified as devices with high possibility of failure.

However, in case of failure do not panic, sometimes it is enough to follow the simple instructions to cause the disc? In a sense ?.

You will need

  • Programs to scan the hard disk.



Set in the CD drive or a DVD-ROM with the distribution for the hard drive from the manufacturer. It necessarily included any computer as well as wheels for the motherboard and graphics card.


press F8 during the boot process. Then select the "Download to Disk".


Run a surface scan programdisk. In the process, it will mark all broken sectors. The work will be the exception of non-working parts of the hard disk of the operating system process.


Restart the computer. Select from the list? the standard Windows download and wait for it to download. If the operating system does not boot, you need to install the drive in the Windows installation disk, and to reboot.


If you can not with existing programs from the hard drive manufacturer to recover its performance? you must contact the service center.

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