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How to restore a hard drive


Restore the hard drive.</a>

Like electromechanical devices, hard drives are classified as a device with increased failure capability.

However, in the event of a failure, do not panic, sometimes it is enough to follow simple instructions to bring the drive "to life".

You will need

  • Programs for scanning a hard disk.



Install the CD or DVD-ROM with the distribution kit for the hard drive from the manufacturer. It is necessarily included in the kit of any computer as well as the disks for the motherboard and video card.


When the operating system boots, press F8. Then select the function "Boot from disk".


Run the surface scan programDisk. In the process of work, she will mark all the bad sectors. The result of work will be the elimination of non-working areas of the hard disk from the operating system process.


Restart the computer. Choose from the list of offered? Standard Windows boot and wait for it to load. If the operating system does not boot, you must install the Windows installation disk in the drive and reboot.


If you can not use the existing programs from the manufacturer of the hard drive to restore its functionality? Please contact the service center.

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