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How to restore system fonts


Many users of Windows operating systems know that printed works can be varied with different fonts, different from standard ones.

You can add them using the Fonts applet.

Sometimes you need to restore the original font package.

You will need

  • - Operating system distribution-
  • - System program "Command line".



You can restore fonts in several ways andEach of them will be true. For example, if you recently work with a personal computer and you have an acquaintance who has the same version of the system, you can refer to it. It can copy the contents of the font folder to any media.


All fonts, from system and endingAmateur, can be found in the C: WINDOWSFonts folder. If, when installing the system, the path to the system folder changed, for example, instead of the Windows directory, you have WinXP, etc., therefore, you need to look for the Fonts folder in the corresponding directory.


Copy all the fonts you broughtFamiliar by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C. Go to the folder with system fonts, press Ctrl + V, and respond positively to the prompts for replacing the file. Also, a distribution with fonts can be downloaded from some Internet resources, if your friends have a different version of your operating system installed.


This is not the only way and everything can be doneMuch faster if you have a distribution of the operating system from which the installation took place. Before using it, you must restart your computer and log in to the system through a secure mode. When the computer is booted, press the F8 button, select "Safe Mode" from the menu that appears.


Using Windows Explorer, find the folder with the fonts, select them and delete by pressing the Delete button or Ctrl + Delete. Now you can start to restore the standard font set.


Open the CD / DVD drive tray and insert the Windows operating system.


Press the Win + R shortcut (Start menu,Run command) and enter the Cmd command. In the opened command line, copy and paste the following line expand -r E: i386 * .tt_% SystemRoot% Fonts. Press the Enter key. It is worth noting that the letter E is taken by the letter CD / DVD-drive.


If you delete all fonts from the correspondingDo not forget that the system file Decktop.ini can not be deleted. If it does, open any text editor and copy the following lines into the new document:
UICLSID = {BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534}


Then press Ctrl + S, in the File name box, type Decktop.ini, specify the Fonts folder as the directory where the file will be saved.

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