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How to restore the settings in Photoshop

How to restore the settings in Photoshop

Photoshop has a flexible configuration system that allows each user to create their own working environment.

But it often happens that in the process of setting something went wrong - the program began to work slowly and unstable, chaotic arrangement of panels accepted view, have gone missing required features.

In this case, it becomes necessary to cancel all changes and return to the default settings.



To return to the original settings Photoshopstate, you can use hot keys. Before starting Photoshop, press the keyboard shortcut Alt + Ctrl + Shift and hold them, double-click the program shortcut. A dialog box appears asking you to confirm the changes. Reaffirming its decision, keep in mind that all user settings will be lost.


But not in all versions of Adobe Photoshop shortcuts work the same. In some cases, this method does not work. For example, CS6 it only leads to a temporary recovery.


Open Photoshop. As with all Windows applications at the top of the interface line is the "Control Panel" program. Click the Edit menu on it, in the Russian version of it is called "Edit". Select Preferences - «Settings" from the drop down list.


Click the General tab - "Basic" and the holdAlt key on your keyboard. At the same Cancel button - "Cancel" button is automatically renamed to the Reset - "Reset". Without releasing the Alt key, click this button and all the settings of the program will return to its original state. The method is versatile and works with any version of the program.


To completely reset alltools necessary to choose any of them. Then right-click on the icon in the tool "Panel Properties". Team Reset All Tools - «Restore all the tools" will return all settings to the original instruments.


If you want to restore the layout of palettes,Click on the Window button - "window" located in the "Control Panel", and in the drop-down menu, select the Workspace item, Essentials (Default) - «Working environment, basic operating environment (the default)." You can choose any other medium suitable for the current job.

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