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How to restore the rights in case of loss

kak vosstanovit prava pri utere

Driver's license (driving license) in modern times is an important instrument both for men and for women.

This is due primarily to the pace of life,makes very high demands on a person in the transport sector. Unfortunately, motorists? not robots, and every man may happen this unpleasant situation as banal loss of driver's license.

What to do in such a situation, and what steps to take to restore the rights?



Firstly, you need to get the time rights. This is necessary because the constant can be obtained only after 30 days of loss. This period is calculated that rights can be found. To obtain a temporary rights you need to come to the traffic police and write a statement to issue a temporary driver's license, due to the loss of the old.


Then take the traffic ticket, pay for and pass back. At the same payment slip to leave yourself.


The wait will not give the new driver for 30 days rights. During this time, you can occasionally tinkling the inspection to clarify the reception days and working hours.


After 30 days, the traffic police to come in and take a receipt for payment of state duty and a new driver's license. Pay for them to keep the receipts.


After paying back the traffic police to come with a passport, receipts, temporary driver's license and two color photographs 3 * 4.


Come for obtaining a new driving license to a designated staff day.

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