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How to restore the Recycle Bin on your desktop

only its label disappears When you remove the basket

Users of Windows Vistasooner or later face a small omission developers, namely that when emptying the trash them a choice of two options - to empty the trash? and? delete ?.

And if you choose the second option, with the content in front of the surprised user disappears itself basket.



The initial fear may be very large, butno need to panic. Actual shopping cart will not go away. Even if you intentionally delete the folder, the system will create it again. What is lost and for the moment? a label of the basket, which can be restored in several ways.


The easiest way to do this in the following way. Log in to the Control Panel. Make it easier just by pressing a button? Start? and select the desired button in the menu that appears. In Control Panel, find the icon? Personalization ?, click on it. On the left side of the window click the button released? Change desktop icons ?. It was then, and you will find the fugitive. In the? Desktop Icons? tick icon? Shopping? and click? OK ?.


But a similar incident happens with usersother versions of Windows. In Windows XP, the disappearance of the basket can help third-party programs. Return it is possible, but this would be a bit more complicated. Double-click on the icon? My Computer ?. On the menu? Service? scroll to? Folder ?. On the? View? uncheck? Hide protected files ?. Are prompted to press? Yes? and then on? OK ?. In general bar conductor you should see a button? Folders ?, which after clicking on the left side you will find the missing basket. Drag it with the mouse on the desktop.

How to restore the Recycle Bin on your desktop


If the above steps do not help, thenwill have to work through the operating system registry. Click consistently? Start? and? Run ?. Type regedit, in the dialog box, confirm the command by pressing the button? OK ?. In the registry look for line HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerHideDesktopIconsNewStartPanel, and in it the parameter {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}. Change the value to 0. basket icon appears in its usual place.

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