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How to recover the password to Yandex mail


Sometimes it's very unpleasant to forget the password from the mailbox. Especially from the fact that, in addition to letters, many files are stored, and the account of which allows you to use a lot of services.

You can restore the password to Yandex mail in several ways.



If you forget the password for Yandex mail, go to the password recovery page http://passport.yandex.ru/passport?mode=restore. On this page there is only one fieldFor input, in which you will need to enter your e-mail address, or the login used to enter it. After that, the page with the choice of the method for password recovery will open.


One way to recover the password fromYandex mailbox is the correct answer to the secret question that is asked when registering e-mail. This question can be standard, which is offered at a choice from the drop-down list, for example "Mother's maiden name", "Brand of the first car" or "The last five digits of TIN", or its own, the formulation and response to which is also specified during registration. Password recovery is activated in case you write the correct answer to the question. To avoid hacking your mailbox, select the secret question in such a way that the answer to it is known only to you.


The Yandex mail service allows you to restorePassword from the account using a mobile phone. To do this, when registering a mailbox, specify your number, which will be followed by a confirmation code. This code will need to be entered in a special form to confirm that the phone number belongs to the owner of the email account. If you pre-tied the mobile phone number to the account, you can also restore the password using the phone. To do this, on the access recovery page, click on the "Mobile" tab, enter the confirmed phone number and click the "Send" button. The received recovery code is entered in a special field, after which you can change the password of the Yandex email account.

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