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Winchester is the most long-lived piece

Winchester is the most long-lived piececomputer. The user can change the display, keyboard, mouse, half of the system unit, but leave in place the hard drive, because the information is stored on it.

But at one point he suddenly stops working.



First of all, restart the computer and log onBIOS configuration mode of your computer's motherboard. Go to the menu basic settings (the name may vary depending on the BIOS manufacturer, but it is always on the first place of the table), and check whether there is a list of connected IDE or the SATA (depending on the interface) devices your hard drive.


If it is not listed, turn off the computer,open the system cover and check the reliability of the mounting interface and power supply cables of the hard drive. You can also try to swap the cable with a known good device for verification. If as a result of the hard drive and does not appear in the list of connected devices the next time, it could indicate a problem with the hard disk controller on the motherboard or on the hard drive.


Connect the hard drive to another computer andcheck the BIOS detect your computer's motherboard. If the device is detected - a fault in the motherboard of your computer. If the device is also to be seen - faulty controller installed in the hard drive and you need to repair or replace it. Make it the best in the service center.


If the hard drive is determined by the motherboard BIOSboards, but is not visible to the operating system environment, it indicates a damage on the drive engineering information responsible for the labeling. First of all, try to restore the hard drive with the help of special tools (MHDD, Victoria). If it is impossible to use these tools (the hard drive are not determined), visit the hard drive manufacturer. There may find a special utility to restore service data (? Zero track?) Of your device.


If you can not restore the hard drive after the use of special tools? it means that he is physically damaged and its further normal operation impossible.

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