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How to restore the file system

The program window System Restore

Sometimes, installing new software or updating the drivers that can be harmful to your operating system.

Restore it is possible by means of a special program, which is part of the standard set of operating system utilities.

This program creates a point of periodicallyrecovery system, recording information in them about the system and registry settings. Turning workable parameters of a point allows you to return your computer to a normal state.

In Windows operating system, there are several ways to restore the system.



If the problem occurs immediately after installationnew driver, then restart Windows after you'll get a black screen with boot options. It is necessary to choose? Last Known Good Configuration (settings that worked) ?. This mode returns the last good driver settings and registry settings.


If you encounter problems while working with a PC, andyou do not know when the failure occurred, then log into the program "System Restore." Then select one of the restore points, for example, yesterday. If the parameters of the restoration does not work for yesterday, you must restore the last week's, etc.


Login to System Restoreas follows. Press the button or icon? Start ?, then select? All Programs ?, then? Standard ?, they select the? Tools? and? System Restore ?. In the program, select the? Restore your computer to an earlier ?.

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