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How to restore a disability

How to restore a disability</a>

Disability is a total or partial lossAbility to work. The group of disability is determined by medical and social examinations based on the course of the disease and the preliminary results of the survey.

Every year, the disability group needs to be confirmed.

If the indicators of the nature of the disease and the results of the survey are positive and with a stable tendency to improve, disability can be removed.

You will need

  • - the application to the regional or federal bureau of medical and social expertise
  • -direction of the attending physician
  • -results of surveys
  • -results of the conducted medical and social expertise
  • - appearance in court



Surveillance to confirm disability is conducted annually, only invalids of the first group with irreversible processes in the body undergo a reassessment every two years.


If you do not agree that medico-socialExamination on the basis of your examinations, the course and nature of the disease, you considered able-bodied and disability withdrawn. Or you were transferred to another group, for example, from the first to the second or the second to the third, then you should apply to the main regional bureau or to the federal bureau for a medical and social expertise at a higher level.


You need to do this within one month after the disability was lifted or transferred to another group with which you do not agree.


No additional documents and surveys are required. Within one month you will undergo a second medical and social examination with the involvement of senior management.


If the re-examination confirms the correctnessDecisions of their colleagues, it is necessary to apply to the court. In the application you need to describe everything in detail and attach the documents, on the basis of which you have been removed disability or lowered the group.


The limitation period for the restorationDisability or group - 3 years. If the court decision recognizes the actions and decision of the medical and social commissions as illegal, the group of disability will be restored, and all the material damage caused to you will be reimbursed.

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