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How to restore the boot sector

How to restore the boot sector

Not many people know how to restore the boot sector of the Windows XP operating system because this rarely encountered.

However, this can happen on any computer for various reasons.

You will need

  • The disk with the distribution of Windows XP



To restore the required disc with the operating system distribution. With it, you need to put your computer to manual control.


Start the Recovery Console (Consolerecovery). This command line. If you need to use this function many times? you should write the Recovery Console to your hard disk. In emergency use, carry out the launch of the disc.
Start the computer with the Windows boot diskXP. To get into the recovery console, select the item Recovery Console from the boot menu. This method is available if the user has administrator rights. Without them, can not work with the console.
The second option: when you can not start Windows XP, even with a boot disk. To do this on a disk with the distribution - i386 find and activate the winnt32.exe file with the / _cmdcons (space required). By this action we add Recovery Console in Windows XP startup folder. Then reboot your PC.


Now it is the main job. If a PC with multiple operating systems installed, the Recovery Console will prompt the user to choose the operating system that is not loaded automatically. For the restoration of the boot sector is responsible utility command fixboot.


Enter the following command to restore the bootsector and confirmation. Further work will take place in the automatic mode. If the recovery is successful, the Recovery Console prompts you to restart the computer.

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