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How to restore the bath

How to restore the bath

What if over time, evolved from a snow-white bath in a dirty yellow, enamel has become rough and cracked?

Of course, you can buy a new one, having spent a lot of money to buy a lot of time and the replacement of plumbing.

But there is a more cost-effective ways.

You will need

  • Enamel for bath
  • The abrasive detergent (not containing chlorine)
  • Sandpaper
  • Acid
  • Latex gloves
  • Brush or spray paint



The easiest and most low-budget way to returnbath? second youth? - Is the restoration of the enamel. It requires to put on the prepared surface of the bath enamel layer special. Buy it possible to specialized building stores. By the way, the enamel is not only white, but a color, so you have the opportunity to make your bath even pink, purple though. As a rule, complete with a set of enamel on sale? Related materials? for restoration (reagents for surface preparation and rubber gloves).


To restore the bathroom, the first thingyou need to very carefully clean the bath surface from dirt, bumps sanded with sandpaper if necessary. You can use abrasive detergents (only check that their composition was not chlorine). After cleaning rinse all the accumulated garbage.


Next stage ? degrease the surface. Put on your gloves and put on the wall of the bath is attached to the enamel acid (usually in the set is oxalic acid) and leave for an hour and a half, and then rinse thoroughly.


After that you need to properly warm up the bath: or pour it to the brim with hot water and give a little stand (keep in mind, then need to dry the bathroom) or treat with hot air with a hair dryer, you can use a gas burner.


Now, finally, the enamel can be applied? This is done either by brush or spray. Imposes enamel as possible smoothly, without sagging, carefully prokrashivaya entire surface. Allow the enamel to dry out during the day? and can use the bathroom, you have put in order their own hands.

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