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RESTORE stucco

Restoring stucco

There are several types of plaster damage.

The most common injuries are considered minor scratches, cracks and delamination.

You will need

  • Gypsum mass, putty knife, plaster, putty.



In order to get rid of scratches, simply apply a thin layer of plaster mixture. An exemplary layer - 1-2 millimeters. It can be used as the surface of the plaster and putty.


Deeper cracks require more detailedattention. First, they need to expand and deepen a bit. Then, carefully cleaned from dust. On both sides we put small incisions. Depth - 2-3 millimeters. Width - 5-6 millimeters. The space is covered with putty. Then reinforcing mesh is attached. The last step is to apply an even layer of putty. These activities are provided and sealing of cracks between sheets of drywall.


If the plaster peeled off or eliminated, it should beuse the same material that was used. This mixture is necessary to fill the opening. Then carefully smooth out and make amends. You can use putty and plaster and stucco to repair the data.
If too much damage, they are arranged over the entire surface of the wall, then it is necessary to cover the entire wall smooth, thin layer of the mixture. But in this case, you should consult a professional masters.

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