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How to restore SMS on your phone


Try to restore SMS on your phone</a>

Quite often there is a situation where a mobile phone user accidentally deletes one or more important messages.

In such cases, it is worth trying to restore SMS on the phone in one of several available ways.



Recover SMS on your phone if you accidentallyDeleted them, you can right on the spot. On some devices, in addition to the folders "Inbox", "Outbox", etc. There is a section "Deleted", where temporarily deleted erased SMS messages. From here you can return them to your Inbox or just copy the information you need. Also, look at the Drafts folder. Perhaps here you will also find fully or partially saved messages.


Try to restore deleted messages toPhone by selecting the function "Download SMS from a SIM card" in the parameters of your device. If it was active at the time of accidental deletion of the necessary information, you can easily return this data. Otherwise, turn it on so that in the future, if you lose messages, you can restore them. If the phone stores data on the SIM card, but does not have a recovery function, purchase a card reader and connect it to a personal computer. Insert the SIM card with the data into the card reader. Now in the "My Computer" menu you will see it as a removable storage medium, from where you can copy your messages.


You can also restore deletedSMS messages using special software for your phone that is designed to synchronize its data with a personal computer (for example, iTunes, PC Suite, etc.). If previously you used a similar application, it could make a backup - save the current state of your phone. Connect your mobile device to your computer and use this software to roll back your data to its previous state, which will help you recover lost SMS messages.

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