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How to restore your identity card


How to restore your identity card</a>

To lose an identification document,Can be in various ways - due to theft, damage, or simply checking it. This creates various problems for a person: without a passport you can not buy a ticket for a plane, get any information from a government agency, pay for large purchases with a credit card.

How can I quickly recover a lost identity card?

You will need

  • - 4 passport-size photographs-
  • - certificate from the police about stealing the document (in case of theft of the passport) -
  • - money sufficient to pay a state duty for the reissue of a passport.



If you have stolen a passport, you will receive a document in the police department on duty confirming the theft of your identity card.
Passport can become invalid not onlyBecause of the loss or theft, but also in the event that unintended notes are placed in it. Only stamps on registration, marriage, divorce, information about children, military service, blood group and TIN are allowed. For example, if you were stamped on a border with a foreign country in a general passport, you will need to replace it, following the procedure described below.


Pay the fee for issuing a new passport. In 2011, it is 500 rubles. The receipt for payment can be downloaded on the website of the Federal Migration Service or you can take it from the Sberbank office. You can pay the amount through any bank.


Find the FMS department at your place of residence. This can be done through the website of the Federal Migration Service of your region - there is a list of addresses and phone numbers of offices, as well as hours of work of specialists.


Come to the Migration Service in person withNecessary documents - a certificate from the police, photographs and a receipt for payment of the fee. Get from the employee and fill out a statement on the reason for the absence of a passport (loss, theft, spoilage, etc.), and sign a statement that you are asking for a new passport.


After registering your documents, you will receive a temporary photo ID. This document will replace your passport for the time of manufacturing a new one.


Wait for the manufacture of a new passport. This can take up to two months. If you lost your passport and someone found it and took it to the police, you will receive a notice from the FMS and you will be able to return your old document.


When the new ID card is ready, you will receive it personally at the FMS.
If you have applied for the loss of your passport, butThen you found it, be sure to inform the Federal Migration Service about this. After registration of the application for the loss of the document, it is entered in the database of invalid passports. If you want to show this passport anywhere, you may have problems with law enforcement.

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