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How to restore the identity card

How to restore the identity card

Lose the identity document,in various ways - due to theft, damage, or just being checked him. This creates a variety of problems for people: without a passport can not buy a plane ticket, get some help at the state institution, to pay for large purchases by credit card.

How to quickly restore the lost identity?

You will need

  • - 4 passport photographs sample to be
  • - A certificate from the police about the theft of the document (in the case of theft of a passport) -
  • - Money sufficient to pay the registration fee for the renewal of passports.



If you have stolen passport, you get in the duty of the police document confirming the theft of your identity.
The passport can be valid not onlydue to lost or stolen, but also if the set point snagging therein. Valid only stamps of registration, marriage, divorce, children information, military service, blood group and INN. For example, if on the border with a foreign country you put a stamp in the regular passport, you will need to replace it, follow the procedure below.


Pay the fee for issuing a new passport. In 2011, it is 500 rubles. Receipt for payment can be downloaded on the FMS website or take in the Savings Bank branch. The amount of payment can be through any bank.


Locate the FMS department of your place of residence. This can be done through the site FMS in your area - there is a list of addresses and phone offices, as well as hours of operation specialists.


Come to the Department of Migration Service personallynecessary documents - a certificate from the police photographs and fee payment receipt. Get away from the employee and fill out a statement of the reason for the lack of a passport (loss, theft, damage, etc.), as well as sign a statement that you are asking to give you a new passport.


After registration of your documents to obtain a temporary ID card with a photo. This document will replace your passport at the time of manufacture of the new.


Wait for the manufacture of a new passport. It may take up to two months. If you have lost your passport, and someone found it and took it to the police, you will receive notice of this from the FMS and will be able to regain the old document.


When ready the new ID card will get it in FMS personally.
If you have filed a declaration of loss of passport, andthen found it, be sure to report it to the Federal Migration Service. After registration of the application of the loss of the document, he is entered in the database of invalid passports. If you want to submit the passport anywhere, you may have trouble with the law.

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