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How to recover hidden folder in windows 7

How to recover hidden folder in windows 7

Windows 7 has a comfortablefeature that allows you to hide files and folders stored on your hard drive. This makes it possible to hide the confidential information, and protect against accidental deletion of important system files.

However, it is important not only to be able to hide folders, but also on the need to restore their former state.

Show hidden folders

Open the main Start menu and selectControl Panel. In the window that opens, navigate to the tab Appearance and Personalization, and then click the link Folder Options. In the Folder Options click the View tab, in the Advanced settings list, scroll to Hidden files and folders, and set the switch to Show hidden files, folders and drives, so you get access to hidden files, folders and drives. In the same list, uncheck Hidden protected operating system files (Recommended), it will allow you to see all the hidden system files. When you have finished making changes, click OK. Be careful when working with the previously hidden system files. Accidental damage or their removal may adversely affect the operating system.

Change the properties of folders

After making changes to the system settings, you cansee previously hidden folders, but they will still be marked as hidden. To finally make them visible you want to cancel it is their property. If you know where to be located hidden until now folder, use it to go to the window of the conductor. Open Windows Explorer and go through the folders until you find the desired one.
If you do not know the location folderopen the main Start menu and use the available form in her search for files and folders. Enter in the form of full or partial name of the folder. As a result, you will see a dynamic list of matches.
Finding the desired folder, then open the properties. To do this, open the context menu by right-clicking the folder, and select Properties, located in the bottom of the list. In the window that opens, click on the General tab. In the Attributes section, clear the Hidden check box and then click OK.

Return the initial settings

Finished restoring hidden folders, you canreturn to the previous operating system file display mode, disks and folders. To do this, again go to the system control panel and open the Folder Options window. In the Advanced settings again scroll to Hidden files and folders, and select Switch Now Don`t show hidden files, folders or drives. Then check the box Hidden protected operating system files. If you want to hide from prying eyes sensitive data, store it on removable media, such as USB-drives. This will help to avoid further losses hidden in the data system.

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