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How to restore a decent view of the parquet

How to restore a decent view of the parquet?

The most beautiful floor, which can be found today - parquet.

In this technique, performed flooring in the palaces of kings and nobles.

But over time, parquet floors lose their decent look.

Really it is necessary to change all the coverage?

Parquet floors knowingly deserve love andrecognition of most of us. Their appearance and consumer properties is beyond praise. For residential parquet varnished - the best choice compared to other floor coverings. But over time, the varnish is erased, the board dirty, scratched, and begins to look like parquet is not the best way. But all fixable. Exit - scraping.

Modern technology offers much moregentle scraping compared with that which was some 10-20 years ago. Today, no longer remove thick chips with parquet. Scraping machines, which are produced now, better call the sanding because dirt and residues of varnish (or paint) removed grit, which is secured in the car. The most common scraping machine drum. They are not sensitive to differences in altitude parquet blocks, but are not recommended for hardwood floors (mosaic) of precious wood, because wood is removed layer parketin different breeds irregularly (less - with more solid, more - respectively, with soft wood).

Procedure sanding in everyday life: first used the largest abrasives to remove dirt and paint, then the gaps between parketinami overwritten special putty. After that, the excess putty and coarse scratches from large abrasive abrasive medium grain removed. Finishing is carried out with fine abrasive. Thereafter, the floor can be covered with lacquer (preferably two layers).

Helpful advice: modern technology for sanding is quite expensive, but it can be rented at a very affordable price. And because the use of it is simple - you can restore the beauty of the house flooring yourself.

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