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How to restore a company

How to restore a company

If you decide to restore the company already closed, then, if it has been deleted from the register, this would be impossible.

But if you decide to renew the company's operations after it suspended for a while, you, first of all, it will be necessary to restore the accounting.



Please contact your local tax authorities to request an extract from the register. You can also make a request to get acquainted with the record business of the organization.


Since all the time of suspension of activitiescompany you applied to the tax authorities the declaration with zero accountability, in order to resume the activities of the company in the same volume, you should carry out an audit of all the assets and recover accounting.


Refer to the audit firmHaving a license to carry out inspections. Many accounting firms can hold between two inspections (before and after reconstitution) and all the necessary accounting procedures.


To restore the first accountingWe need to carry out a preliminary assessment procedure of electronic databases of past accounting periods. If the database is available in 1C ", then it will speed up the recovery. If it for some reason do not have, you have to put in the base of the primary historical data to restore the account.


Restoring accounting is of great importance and that, in any system of taxation was carried statements (OCH, USN).


After the restoration of accounting is necessary to conduct another audit to validate the restore procedure.


Refer to the results of the audit to the local tax authorities to resume reporting.


Conduct an inventory of all inventory items, resources and materials available surpluses on the balance sheet. Tell the staff how to penetrate the job.


Take inventory of settlements with contractors. Restore the supply and distribution of goods.

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