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How to recover a certificate


The loss of a certificate of education fraught with paperwork</a>

Loss of documents is always an unpleasant event. And the loss of the certificate of education is fraught with paperwork.

The only plus that at the moment the restoration of school certificates is free.

But for the certificates of secondary specialized education will have to pay, so take care of your documents.

You will need

  • Application form
  • Pen, paper
  • Mail envelopes (if the request is sent to another city)



If you lose your school certificate, you will needCome to the school in which you studied and write a statement. The application is written in the name of the director of the educational institution with a request to issue a new certificate in return for the lost one.


Then the school sends a request to the form of the certificateIn the department (management, committee) by education. By law, these forms must be paid from the city treasury, but it is possible that local authorities could make changes. Learn about this in advance, so as not to be in an unpleasant situation.


If you studied in another city, then you needWill send written in the form of the application a valuable registered letter with a notice of delivery. Just remember that the school will not send a certificate. You will have to take the certificate personally, or transfer the powers of acquaintances on a notarized power of attorney.


If you lost the VTU certificate, then instead of a new diploma you can be issued a certificate.
The certificate should contain the name of the trainee andHow long the training went on. In the application it is necessary to indicate why you needed a diploma. Applicants of universities to the reference will attach a loose leaf with estimates. If you need a diploma, then you have to pay for the duplicate.


If you need to restore a university diploma, youYou will need a certificate from the police that you stated about the loss of the diploma. This application is accompanied by an application addressed to the rector with the year of graduation. Then these documents are transferred to the personnel department or the secretariat. The institution is obliged, upon your request, to issue a new diploma instead of the lost one. The diploma is written with a duplicate, and the date of its issue becomes the date of receipt of the diploma. State institutions of higher learning, and universities that have passed accreditation take a fee for this, not exceeding the double cost of the form.

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