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How to respond to rudeness and boorishness nurses


Often, we get lost when faced with rudeness and impudence of medical staff, because when we go to the hospital, we often have health problems, we relaxed and did not want to make trouble.

In this article I will share with you on how to behave in such situations.

Doctor for us often seems gooddoctor, so we taught in the children's fairy tales, and only doctor we trust the most precious thing we have and the fact that no buy for any money, our health. But unfortunately in the adult the real world it's that good doctors are not in the mood and break on their patients. What to do when an employee health care setting, whether a doctor or a medical nurse, treats you rough, rude or mocking? The main thing in any case do not be silent and leave this behavior, without an appropriate response. Although it happens that because of the bad state of health no matter what forces are not present, then just remember the name of snapper and pozhaluetes when health improves. Because your silence in response to the shameless brutality encourages physicians to the manifestation of rudeness towards patients.

The easiest thing to do in such cases,This address a written complaint to the chief doctor, and duplicate its appeal in the book reviews and suggestions of the hospital. If your complaint does not respond properly or you are faced with rudeness chief physician or head of the department, in this case, write a complaint to the Ministry of Health, at Moscow Rohmanovsky lane house 3 code 127994 GSP-4. And it is better to apply through the official website in the public reception, complete the form there to send appeals, in accordance with the appeal procedure and complaints, which can be found there as well. Any appeal through your website will be reviewed in accordance with the order of consideration of citizens' appeals, in accordance with which, you will be sure to report back in writing on how to respond to your complaint and what action has been taken.

In doing so, you'll joinin an uproar and squabble, poberezhet their nerves, but also discourage from snapper desire to behave in this way with patients in the future, among which can be you, your family and friends.

In conclusion, I wish you only good and polite doctors and excellent health.

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