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Resorts in Turkey: Kemer

Turkey Resorts Kemer

At 40 kilometers from Antalya is locatedcolorful turkish area - Kemer. This city boasts the warm waters of the Gulf, the majestic Taurus Mountains and helpful locals.

Luxurious hotels, fantastic natural beauty, gay nightlife, entertainment ocean - what could be better for the long-awaited vacation?

Kemer attracts travelers secludedcoves, turquoise waters, lush vegetation. The smell of pine forests, the sea breeze and the fragrance of orange groves provide an opportunity to enjoy every breath of air. Everything breathes tranquility and peace and sets a good rest.

Located in Kemer, to visit the coastTekirova with a beautiful beach. Be sure to take a tour of the ancient city of Phaselis to explore the remains of the amphitheater, the basilica, see the ancient sarcophagi, tombstones and reliefs. Learn interesting facts about the history of the country can be in the theme park Yoryuk Museum. Yacht enthusiasts will be delighted by the beautiful marina, where chartered a variety of vessels.

To rest was full, everyone should findsomething for everyone. You can try his hand at sailing, and someone like scuba diving. Lovers relaxing pastime will enjoy fishing, that will please everyone rich catch. For parents with children the time fly by in one of the local water parks. Fans of vacation will not be indifferent from the mountain scenery, lemon trees, cozy beaches. Nightlife in Kemer is represented by local clubs, noisy discos and various shows.

Relax in the Turkish city of Kemer will appeal to every traveler, I want to come back here again and again.

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