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HOW withstand stress

How to withstand stress

Son can not find my backpack, my husband has not yet fixed the toilet.

Stress is stalking us everywhere. And although you do not have power in the fact that it is, you can control your reaction to it.

Keeping calm, you save your heart.

Stress causes a surge of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. But elevated levels of these hormones can cause harm to your heart, because they increase blood pressure.

It is therefore important to be able in time to cope with a stressful situation.



Take a deep breath
To stressful situations do not respondheat of the moment, and not the gross upset by this, you need to give yourself a little time to clear his head, to calm the breath, lower levels of stress hormones. Count to 10 and take three deep breaths before answering.


Studies show that people whosmiling while performing complex tasks, we had a quiet heart and lower levels of stress than those who maintain a neutral facial expression. Hence the conclusion: the smile beneficial effect on our body and heart.


Head up!
When the head is raised and lowered shoulders, thorax can get more air and therefore oxygen, which helps soothe the body from physical and emotional stress response.


Help your neighbor
Good deal, no matter large or small, helps to distract your mind from the problems. According to statistics, in the countries with the highest number of volunteers observed a lower incidence of heart disease.


Share with a friend
When communicating with friends and family, our bodyreleases the hormone oxytocin (calming hormone). Even chat with your loved one in social networks or e-mail may have the same calming effect as face to face communication. Because the presentation of their problems both orally and in writing, helping to defuse tension and start to control a stressful situation.


Try this 2-minute meditation:
• Rub your hands together very quickly, for 20-30 seconds, until then, until you feel resistance.
• Pull the hands apart and keep them as if you're holding an invisible ball. Focus on feeling the energy that it rests on your hands.
• Slowly move the imaginary ball to the heart and imagine the positive energy fills your body.

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