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How to reset the printer cartridge

How to reset the printer cartridge

The situation when you need to reset the printer cartridges, is common enough.

It can be done in several ways.



The printer cartridges have a chip in whichwritten information about its resources and the number of pages already printed. When the cartridge displays a message about the need to replace it, it is not necessary that it actually is empty, just the chip counted out the required number of pages. And in the pages could be printed for only a few lines. That is the level of ink in the cartridge is calculated by software and there is no information about the real state of things. To solve this problem in several ways. In laser printers, it is possible to simply replace the chip on the cartridge. On sale is a large number of chips for laser printers, there are generic chips that are suited to a variety of printers. In inkjet printers, this chip is fundamentally different and it can not be simply replaced. In this case it is possible to carry out reset cartridge chips. The simplest solution? This exercise zeroing by special programmers or reprogrammatorov. They are commercially available or they can do on their own. To remove the self-reset chips cartridges of the printer.


The printer service menu, press the Cancel button while holding the OK button. After a while, release the buttons.


In the menu, select Resets Menu and then click OK.


Select Partial Reset and then click OK again. Then turn off the printer.


Turn on the printer, select the region and the language? Europe.


Then, follow the instructions thatwill offer you the printer. Check what is the level of ink. If he did not 100%, then repeat the operation again, but instead of the Partial Reset select Semi Full Reset. In some cases, then you must repeat all the steps again, but with a Partial Reset.


Just try to push the button? Clear / Stop? on the printer itself for approximately 10 seconds. After that, the ink level in the cartridge stops monitored by the printer. For each color, you need to carry out the operation separately. Now, the ink level is necessary to visually track.

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