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How to Zero a Hard Drive


How to Zero a Hard Drive</a>

The information that the user removes from the hard disk is easily restored at first. There are special programs for this.

The ability to recover information remains even after a deep formatting of the hard drive. With a competent approach, you can extract files from the computer's memory that have been deleted for a long time.

If you need to completely delete the information from the hard drive, then you will be able to zero the hard drive.

You will need

  • - The program Norton Disk Editor.



To reset the hard drive, you will need toProgram Norton Disk Editor. Install it on your computer and run the program. After its start in the upper right corner, select Object. In the expanded menu, click on the Drive option. An additional program window appears in which there is a Type section. Check the Physical disc in this section, and then click OK. The additional window will close.


Now, from the program menu, select Tools. In the menu that opens, click Configuration. An additional window will appear. In this window, uncheck the Read-only option. Then save the settings by clicking on the bottom of the Save window. The additional window will close. A window will appear with a message to save the settings. Click OK.


After that you will again be in the main menu. Press CTRL + B. You will see a list of sectors of the hard disk in the program window. Next, from the top in this window, find the line Sector. Hold down the left mouse button and start selecting sectors, starting from the very first sector, which is located immediately below the Sector line. All sectors should not be allocated (at least 65 sectors). When you finish the procedure, the number of sectors will be displayed in the lower left corner of the program window.


Once the sectors are highlighted, the menuClick on the Edit button. Then in the menu that appears, select Fill. In the resulting window, find the section Dec Hex Char. Under the row is a column with values. In this column, select "0" and click OK. You will see that all sectors now have a value of "0". Your hard drive is reset.

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