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How to reset your hard drive

How to reset the hard drive

The information that the user deletes from the hard drive is easily restored in the early stages. For this there are special programs.

The ability to recover the information remains even after deep formatting hard drive. With the right approach, you can extract the files from the computer's memory, which have been removed long ago.

If you need to completely remove the data from your hard drive, you will reset the hard drive.

You will need

  • - Norton Disk Editor program.



To reset the hard drive you will need toNorton Disk Editor program. Install on your computer and run the program. After its launch in the upper right corner, select Object. The right-click menu, click the Drive parameter. You will see an additional window of the program, which has a section Type. Note in this section component Physical disc, and then click OK. Additional window closes.


Now, in the menu, select Tools. In the click on the Configuration menu option. Again, an additional window will appear. In this window, remove the check mark next to Read-only. Then save the settings by pressing the Save bottom of the window. Additional window closes. A window with the notification of the settings are saved. Click OK.


Then you will find yourself back in the main menu. Press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + B. You will see a list of hard disk sectors in the program window. Then on top of this window, locate the Sector line. Hold down the left mouse button and begin to allocate the sector, starting with the first sector, which is located just below the line of Sector. All sectors need to invest at (at least 65 sectors). When you have finished the procedure, the number of sectors will be displayed in the lower left corner of the program window.


After the sector will be highlighted in the menuthe program click on the Edit option. Next, the pop-up menu, select Fill. In the resulting window, locate Dec Hex Char section. Under line is a column with values. In this column, select the value "0", and then click OK. You will see that all the sectors now have a "0" value. Your hard disk is cleared.

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