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Requirements for hand luggage

Requirements for hand luggage

Going on a trip for a few days, there is often no need to take things in your luggage, you can do hand luggage.

But it must meet the established standards, otherwise you have to leave some something at the airport.

to carry-on baggage requirements are determined by the airline and the airport, so be sure to ask them for your case before the flight. But there are common rules and standards established.

1. The size of hand luggage.
It is due to the size of bins in the plane. Check the airline permissible length, width and height of the bag.

2. Weight and number of seats. This is usually no more than 5 kilograms and one place (ie one bag), but the maximum weight also depends on the company's carrier and the ticket class. In the first and business class, as a rule, there are two places for hand baggage and a bigger allowable weight.

To control the airport installed scales and special-shaped boxes to verify the size of the bag.

3. Transportation of liquids.
All liquids must be in bottles or cansof not more than 100 ml each. In this case, the total amount should not exceed 1 liter. Jars should be packed in a transparent bag. At most airports, such packets are issued. Keep in mind that under the concept of 'liquid' get as creams, gels, toothpaste, cosmetics (lipstick, mascara), oil.
The stores sell a handy set of containers of 100 ml, especially for travel.
An exception is made for baby food and medicines (better to take help from a doctor about the necessity of the drug).

4. Acute and sharps. Knives, manicure equipment can not be carried in the cabin.

5. Hair spray and nail polish remover fall under the definition of "flammable and toxic substances" and not allowed to be carried in hand luggage.

6. Products.
Some countries banned exportcertain foods, such as meat or dairy. Also note that the yogurt, eggs and cheese fall under the definition of "liquid", and are subject to the same limitations, ie no more than 100 ml. It can be very disappointing when the airport is subtracted French or Swiss cheese, intended as a gift to friends.

7. Purchases in duty free.
They are not subject to restrictions,applicable to the cabin baggage if purchases are packed in special closed package. Check best not to throw to arrival. But, if you flight with layovers, when transplanting all bought in duty-free, automatically becomes the hand luggage.

8. In addition to one piece of hand luggage allowed to carry: handbags, men's briefcase, laptop in a special bag, one piece of outerwear, a sealed bag with goods from duty-free.

9. Common sense tells us that the passage of weapons and drugs are still banned.

The stringency screening of hand luggage and to the airport depends on the case. But, nevertheless, it is better not to risk and follow the rules.

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