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How to recharge account

How to refill the card account

Many have appreciated the convenience of plastic cards. The map does not take up much space in your purse, at cashiers in the store no problem with the delivery, from pickpockets, there are fewer chances to assign your money.

In addition, the plastic card is useful for storing cash, monthly listing at her a certain amount.



The easiest way? is to come to the bank branch with a passport and cash. Cashier will gladly help you cope with this task. If you do not have time to go to offices, use the ATM with cash receipt. When using this device, pay attention to the fees for currency conversion, which takes most of the ATMs.


Even more mobile way? recharge card through self-service terminals? Kiwi? and? JCB ?, through which many supplement through the mobile phone. To do this, select the menu item Services banks and accurately follow the system instructions. It is important to keep a check to the receipt of funds on the card. If you received a check, you find a mistake in the details, immediately call back the telephone number listed on the machine, the operator will fix your circulation and helps to make sure that the money is still credited to your account.


It is also convenient to replenish their accounts through mobile shops,where young professionals can help you make money on the card. Most banks allow the card to deposit funds by bank transfer from the account or from another card account. To do this, you must contact the office of the bank servicing your card.

Ways to recharge the card a lot. Just be careful.

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