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REPLACEMENT semiaxis of the rear axle on the car VAZ 2106

axle shaft vases 2106

Axle and bearing assembly is replaced with an elevated, compared with the usual noise from the car's rear wheels as the VAZ-2106 while driving in a straight line and cornering.

At the same time there was an increase of axial and radial clearances axis.

You will need

  • -key For the wheel nuts
  • Head '' to 17 '
  • -Extension



Remove the wheel and brake drum.


Turn the flange half-axis to match the large-diameter holes in it with two (out of four) bolts securing the brake shield. Unscrew the nuts and remove the spring washers.


Turn the flange half-axis by 90 ° to match the large-diameter holes in it with the other two bolts fastening the brake shield, unscrew them and remove the spring washers.


Secure it with two wheel bolts brakeDrum outer end surface of the flange axis. Wrap bolts by hand. (Bolts can not dovorachivat about 5 mm to ensure the acceleration of the drum as the inertial mass at the same time be careful -. Not to damage the brake drum.)


Sharp jerk the pull (not completely) axle from the rear axle carrier.


Remove the two bolts and remove the brake drum flange axis.


Remove the axle from the rear axle carrier.


Set on the car VAZ-2106 a new axle shaft and bearing assembly in the reverse order of removal.

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