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How to replace windshield

Replacing a windshield

The windshield can often come into disrepair very unexpected for the driver.

Even the smallest pebble under the wheel of the vehicle in front can be very damaging to him, not to mention all sorts of random scratches and chips.

In this case, as soon as possible to replace the windshield new.

You will need

  • New sealing elastic cord-key cream containing silicone rope (long), sealant, anticorrosive and a new windshield.



First we need to get an old cable-key (otherwise? Castle?), Which holds the glass.


When you need to man as it is possibleneater pressed to the glass of the car. The second person at this time should be on the outside to hold the glass, so that it does not sharply slipped and broke on the bonnet.


After the old glass is removed, you mustcheck for rust and stains under the sealing rubber. If so, all you need to thoroughly clean and treat anticorrosive. When should wait until the frame is dry.


Carefully put on the new sealing gum for a new windshield in accordance with their contours.


Further it is necessary to find a groove in the outer sidesealing gum for fixing the glass to the vehicle frame. In this slot you need to put the rope. Speakers edge of the frame is necessary to cover silicone for easy installation.


Attach and flatten the glass to the vehicle frame.


Following this, one person inside the cabin pulls the rope embedded in the groove, and the second at this time strongly presses the glass outside. As a result, gum firmly snaps into place.


Next, you need to set in place? Castle? windshield. With the help of gum tightly to the frame, which prevents liquid (rain, melting snow, etc.) to get to the salon.

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