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How to replace windows yourself

How to replace windows yourself

Modern window systems are adapted to the climatic conditions of our country.

They are perfectly opposed to bad weather, keeping warm and cozy in the house.

The reliability and durability of the window depends primarily on the correctness of the installation.

You will need

  • - punch
  • - claw hammer
  • - hacksaw
  • - Foam
  • - Compressed sealing tape
  • - silicone sealant
  • - plaster
  • - cord



Remove the old window. With nail puller tear trim, flaps wide open and remove them from their hinges. To do this, place the claw under the heel flap and turn the tool, lift it up.


Then hammer or a hammer and boaster break the inner slopes of the wall to free up window sill. Take it with both hands and swinging, print out from under the bottom of the bar.


Tear off the old tide with a street party. Raspilite box in several places and break off pieces of its opening by a nail puller. After removing the old window opening clear of debris and tow.


Prepare a new window frame for installation. After removing the sash and glazing bead, remove the glazing. Remove the protective film. Attach the mounting plate to the frame. Insert into the opening frame with a connecting prischelknutym profile. Slide it horizontally until the gaps on the sides will not become smooth. With technological level and expose wedge frame vertically.


On the slopes of the walls to make a mark for holesdowel. On the outside of the frame with a quarter note border, which must be symmetrically installed window. Remove the frame. On the slopes at elevations of drill holes. Install anchors.


On the outer side of the window in order to waterproofSet the compression sealing tape (PSUL). The material does not flow into the atmospheric moisture assembly while releasing vapor from the premises. For insulation windows using a finely porous foam core. It's a little more expensive than usual, but has better characteristics, for example, FOMEFLEX-PROFI, KIM-JAROLIM (Germany), SOUDAL (Belgium), Finnish MAKROFLEX). If you decide not to use the tape, between the frame and the quarter leave a gap in the 0.5-0.7 cm, which later will have to be sealed and zapenit.


Insert the frame into the opening. Level check it horizontally and vertically. Secure it with wedges. Deviations of the parties should not exceed 1.5 mm per meter of length, but no more than 3 mm on all height. Install window without distortion boxes and distortions, strictly on the level.


The seams between the frame and the wall to seal the foama finely porous structure. Silicone sealant for zapenennuyu seam route the vapor barrier. Pre-position the seam butovochny cord or butyl rubber adhesive tape.


According to the level set in the foam sill. Before that, in the areas of contact with the frame, apply a silicone band. Get under the window sill frame (depth approach should not exceed 1 cm). After foaming prigruza his heavy objects such as bricks or containers with water.


The edges of the sill must go into the wall at 15-30 mm. Sealing frame junction with the sill is made hermetic. Insert the blind windows, hang the sash.


If the wide sills close radiator,do in the wall under the window sill channels, air ducts. They will pass on the warm air to the problem areas of the window, preventing heating slopes above the dew point and fogging the windows.

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