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How to replace the power window buttons

How to replace the power window buttons

If the vehicle has stopped working window button, then riding on it turns into a real nightmare. Open the window in the winter or closed in the summer heat - a very dubious pleasure.

Fix the problem you can own, armed with a simple set of tools.

You will need

  • - crosshead screwdriver-
  • - Flat-blade screwdriver.



If the budget allows, the place of the old buttonsYou can put a new chrome tips. This is not only very beautiful but also durable as conventional buttons rather quickly break down, especially in rough handling, and lose their appearance. But before you replace them, it is necessary to dismantle the old buttons.


In this case, the most important thing - carefully removewood trim, while being careful not to break its fixing. To do this, use a small flathead screwdriver to pry it to the right slightly and pull it toward you until you hear a click. Do the same with the left pad and just pull together its two clicks. It should be noted that the most recent mounting pad has a more complex structure. To remove it, you need to pull the cover and pull it to the left.


After the wood trim is removed,remove the mesh from the tweeter and remove the five fixing screws by a Phillips screwdriver. To unscrew a bolt of a door handle, use a screwdriver length of at least 12 cm.


As soon as the last five unscrew a bolt, walk along the contour and tear a few caps, then remove the trim, slightly pulling it upwards.


Now unclip the cable opening of a door, turn off the beeper and the wire attached to the unit door electronics. Using a flat screwdriver, bend the clips and remove the block with buttons.


Replace the old key to the new window, then set the unit with them to the place. Once the buttons are connected, then test the entire system.

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